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GAMR's 2017 E3 Predictions: Sony PlayStation

Last year delivered some incredible games and some fantastic exclusives, the bar is high and we’re reaching that point in a console generation where developers are comfortable with the hardware and we start to get some really ingenious and excellent games. We need them to keep the momentum but also most importantly, have solid release dates to give us titles to get excited for in the near future. Here are my top predictions… 

1. Red Dead Redemption on the PlayStation stage (Chances: Good) 

This is one for grabbing the headlines and pleasing the fans. I can see it now, the red logo fading into some ultra-glossy footage for the wildwest and finally unveiling some story details. With Sony having the marketing deal with Rockstar for the game this prediction could well be more than just a pipe dream. 

2. Suckerpunch Reveal Their Brand New Game (Chances: High) 

It’s been a ruddy long time since their last game (infamous second son) so it’s time to get back on the horse and announce already! But what could the game be? They were rumored to be making the new Spiderman game but with that being handled by the team at Insomniac who knows what we can expect! Could it be a sequel to second son? Our best guess is a new IP entirely… 

3. Price Drop on PlayStation Slim Consoles and PlayStation VR (Chances: Good) 

To make PlayStation even more appealing to the fickle gamer, Sony will need to counter Microsoft’s big talking point of its full reveal of Scorpio. By making PlayStation the cheapest option as well as creating a lower entry level to VR gaming Sony would be making a full on baller counter move. 

4. The Last of us 2 Gets Lots Of Stage Time (Chances: Very High) 

I am really not a fan of these long drawn out reveals and I am a strong believer in going off grid and not talking about a project until its time. This, however is not Sony’s approach, they love to run their mouth and get hype years before. This game is nowhere near to being done so we can expect another year of hype ahead and a Sony stage showcasing The Last Of Us 2 with no release date and a cinematic game trailer. 

5. Wildcard Prediction – Change Your PlayStation Account Name (Chances: low) 

Every year I say it and hope, could this be the year? Could this be the way to end the show on a columbo ‘just one more thing’ it wouldn’t grab any media headlines but it would go a hell of a long way with gamers who have had their name (like mine) since university and are embarrassed by it. This feature is the most requested by fans. Please Sony make it happen! 

6. Call Of Duty 4 Remaster Solo Release Announced (Chances: Medium) 

With the exceptionally mixed reception to last year’s Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare, yet an overwhelmingly positive one to the game’s special edition coming bundled with a Call Of Duty 4 remaster, it’s almost a no-brainer for the game to be released standalone. Many fans of the franchise simply wanted to get in on the remaster, and for many (including myself) the idea of paying £70 for a game I didn’t want simply because it had the remaster included was a bitter one, as such I avoided. I’m almost certain there are plenty of gamers out there just like me though, whose wallets would fly open should the opportunity to buy COD 4 Remaster Standalone at a reasonable price be offered. It’s a no brainer! 

Those are my 6 big predictions for this year’s Sony PlayStation E3 2017 predictions, do you think any of them will be correct? What are your own predictions and what would you like to see unveiled at the PlayStation event this year? Let us know in the comments! 

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Jake Buchanan | @hdd_heart

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