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GAMR's 2017 E3 Predictions: Nintendo & Nintendo Switch

After one hell of a last year with the big reveal of the Switch and the exceptional public response to it, Nintendo are currently flying high. Yet regardless they are a company that no one can predict, often operating in unusual ways especially when it comes to reveals and announcements. 

Nintendo are set to do a full press conference this year, something in previous years they’ve avoided, with the recent Switch release and the upcoming 2DS XL it’ll be interesting to see what they can pull out of the bag to engage their fans and early Switch adopters. They need to keep the fans happy and keep them reassured that the Switch will continue to get plenty of support with new features and games. 
1. Switch Virtual Console Details Revealed (Chances: Good) 

There’s always a real hunger from Nintendo fans to get all their favourite classics in digital format on their new console, and with that in mind it’s inevitable that Nintendo will unveil a Virtual Console for the Switch at some point. Of course, they need to get the formula right, they’ll need to launch it with both a diverse range of titles and a highly user friendly interface. With an expanded library the introduction of a new Virtual Console could really encourage more early adoption for the already popular Switch. 

2. Nintendo’s Paid Online Service Gets fully Unveiled (Chances: High) 

In the same vein as the virtual console, Nintendo need this one in the bag. People want to play their switches online and they have a chance to really double down and right some concerns people have. With online play currently free, but like all other consoles a subscription services (with potential extra features) confirmed to launch later this year, Nintendo could secure an early win by confirming details, outlining price and ensuring they set themselves ahead of their console competitors with a strong overall online offering. 

3. Super Mario Odyssey To Be Playable (Chances: Very High) 

Mario is always a winner, and with his first foray on the Switch set to release this coming Holiday season it’s an absolute no brainer for Nintendo to show the game and give players the opportunity to get hands on! We’re all pretty convinced that Super Mario Odyssey is a must buy, but with the Switch riding high Nintendo should really be shouting about all the awesome titles making their way to the console in the not too distant future. 

4. Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) MINI (Chances: High) 

The rumor mill has been going nuts with the news of the NES MINI being discontinued. Rumours are circulating and all signs point to a SNES MINI in the near future, whether it’ll be revealed at E3 is another matter. Hopefully if this turns out to be true, we’ll see a great selection of inbuilt games and much better availability than the absolute shambles of the NES MINI. 

5. Wildcard Prediction: Third Party Developers Put Their Flag In The Ground (Chances: Low) 

There will definitely be some third party developer chatter around the Switch especially given it’s huge commercial and critical reception. Whilst we know the power is limited in comparison to the Xbox One & PS4 will we be seeing developers producing versions of their big franchises for Switch? We certainly hope so! This is absolutely the key for the long term success of the switch and whilst we know there’s definitely third party titles in the pipeline it’d be a real benefit to Nintendo for some of those to be big name multi-format franchises. 

That’s 5 of our predictions for Nintendo’s E3 2017 how many do you think we’ll of gotten right? Any big predictions you think we might of missed? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Ben Corbett-Mills | @benleopards

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