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Death Squared Review

Set in a dystopian future where everything is run by AI controlled robots, Death Squared puts you and your friends in the shoes of the AIs being tested for their worth. The cooperative puzzle game by SMG Studio will have you and your friends busy for hours coordinating your every move as you attempt to solve each devious level.

Alongside this excellent multiplayer mode Death Squared also offers a single player mode, letting you challenge your intuition and coordination skills, all set in Death Squared's vibrant world surrounded with secrets and mind busting puzzles that’ll have you either scratching your head while staring blankly at the screen or constantly dying while trying to beat each level. Made even better by the in game 'tester' if you will, commentating on your performance and having arguments with his own AI, very often lightening the mood, while also providing small little tidbits of lore helping you further understand the world of Death Squared and the context of the game. 

With a hugely entertaining and fun mix of gameplay featuring plenty of traps, puzzles and explosions, Death Squared promises to keep you well entertained. The game offers good longevity but also plenty of pick up and play value for short sessions making it a great and fun all round puzzler whether playing on your own or with up to four other players.

Death Squared is out now on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Steam

Score: 9/10

Richard Di Stefano | @richup5

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