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Nintendo Switch Games: What Can We Expect?

Growing up I can remember having at least one Nintendo console and wishing I had many more, who didn’t though? They’ve always been a step ahead in the gaming industry, with titles and consoles which where revolutionary for their time and key towards todays generation of consoles. But, as everyone will know by now, Nintendo’s sales and reputation have taken a plummet after the Wii U, not for lack of original technology ideas, but for a lack of good titles taking advantage of them, warranting that console purchase. With Nintendo Switch on the horizon and with a mix of both hype and apprehension we take a quick look at which Switch titles could help make Nintendo great again.

So far we’ve had announcements for a number of upcoming titles, and there were no surprises to a brand new Mario in the shape of Super Mario Odyssey, the long awaited Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild, a deluxe edition of the previoulsy released Mario Kart 8, a new instalment for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Splatoon 2, an update of the unique and fun Splatoon. It's certainly a good mix but with most titles launching within the first 6 months of the consoles life-cycle it begs the questions as to what games will there be to keep us coming back.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe should be excellent fun!
Thankfully 3rd party and Indie support seems to have greatly improved with many bigger publisher lining up games for the console albeit differing options than those served to Xbox or PS4 (FIFA Switch as opposed to FIFA 17 for example). One such game that is looking hugely promising though is that of Sonic Mania, a classic return to 2D form for everyone's favourite speedy hedgehog. 

How’s that relevant, you ask? As an Xbox One player will be able to tell you, there’s a select group of gamers that have taken interest into modern 2D, pixelated, indie games mostly for their nostalgia, but also for their focus on good stories and gameplay, rather than just good graphics.
Enough ranting though, what do we expect from Switch? Personally I really miss the classic fun of Wii sports, which had made Nintendo popular for family and friends fun and also made extraordinary use of their controllers. I'm holding out for something similarly engaging and exciting with the Nintendo Switch, perhaps 1-2 Switch may be my answer. Either way the Nintendo Switch looks like it's off to a good start with many pre-orders selling through and a spread of good games to kick things off, yet will this initial collection be enough to give Nintendo the sales and longevity they need to claw back into the market? We shall certainly see.

Richard Di Stefano | @richup5 

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