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Mekazoo Is An Exhilarating Adrenaline Fuelled Yet Challenging Platformer

The typical platforming game has been a main-stay in the gaming industry for decades. Games such as Super Mario (of course), Mega Man, Crash Bandicoot and many, many others have been massively successful for the genre and taken it forward throughout the several different console iterations that have been inside our homes. The Good Mood Creators’ ‘Mekazoo’ sees 2D platforming transformed into an environment where intelligence is not just required, it’s expected.

Through traversing its vibrant, palette filled environments; Mekazoo puts the player in a position where the next move almost always needs to be pre-planned. By giving you different “Mekanimals” to use that will each be helpful in their own way in terms of getting to the next obstacle – Mekazoo is an adrenaline fuelled gun-shot to the brain, that always manages to throw a spanner in the works when you least expect it.

While admittedly, flying through the landscapes that Mekazoo has to offer can be relatively tough, it’s meant to be this way, and once the particular abilities of each Mekanimal at your disposal become in-printed into your DNA, flying through the world of the platformer should be nothing less than exhilarating.

What was most exciting about our hands on experience with Mekazoo at EGX? The fact that there’s still so much to experience, with up to 30 levels in the game and a co-op element added as well, Mekazoo is certainly not a game that is shy on content.

What we do know about the game is that you’ll have to defeat certain bosses to obtain their ability, meaning that the Armadillo and Frog style Mekanimals that we started out with are just the tip of the iceberg. We still have Wallaby’s, Panda’s and Pelican’s to add into Mekazoo’s expansive and vibrant world. Honestly, using the Armadillo’s rolling power to climb a steep hill, only then to transform into a Frog and use its tongue as a swinging device is an experience that feels as fluid and seemless as any action from the platform genre’s big hitters.

In a short, 20 minute span that we had with the game, what became clear is that Mekazoo is not content with only firing on one cylinder, the game is deep, immersive, punishing, creative, calculating and with an awesome, retro styled soundtrack to boot. Mekazoo is an experience that looks set to feel like home on any platform, and seems destined to be a success.

Coming to PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac and Linux this year with a Wii U release shortly after Mekazoo looks set to be an exhilarating yet challenging new take on the platformer genre.

Kris Pugh | @KrisPugh_X

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