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Shu Is An Exceptional Must Play Platformer And It's Coming To PlayStation VITA

Shu is a wonderful game, A great platformer for all ages that taps into that old school time-trial gaming experience. Lovingly developed by Coatsink, Shu is a fast paced platformer that is fluid, fun and dynamic throughout.

The section we played was about 4 minutes long but if you got the hang of it we were told you can speed run it in 1:45 or less which really adds to the challenge and dynamics of the game. The art style is gorgeous and looks a lot like the more recent Rayman games but with its own distinctive flavour and really seems well thought out.

We played as a small group of characters - called villagers – who move together in a fluid string each with their own unique ability allowing you to traverse with different methods, from glide to ground-pound. As you play the game you can switch that up even more as you meet and join with other ‘Villagers’ that have their own play style and abilities.

PlayStation Vita has long been ignored as a platform but the Coatsink team were set on bringing their title to the little device which has a very dedicated, albeit small, install base. Speaking to Jonathan Wilson, one of shu’s game designers, it was apparent that getting the game on Vita is a very personal goal “The vita fanbase has been crying out for a new title and we feel obligated to give them one” - this is a great attitude and one we wish more developers had.   

Shu is one of those games that you really have to play, if you like the old school platformers from way back you are going to dig it but similarly if you like current indie games like ‘Never Alone’ and ‘Unravel’ then this will definitely tickle your fancy.

Shu is available on PlayStation 4, and Steam on October 4th and Vita shortly after.

Jake Buchanan | @hdd_heart 

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