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Shu The Delightful Hand-Drawn Platformer To Release In October

Originally announced in 2013 the delightful hand-drawn platformer Shu is set to come to PlayStation 4 and PC (Via Steam) this October 4th. The game will then be released on PS Vita shortly after in Q4 2016, and as a bonus the game will be cross-buy compatible for PS4 & PS Vita.

Taking place in a carefully crafted and wonderful looking 2.5D world, Shu is a classicly influenced platformer with a modern twist. The game features a variety of characters with unique powers as they are pursued by a monstrous storm resulting in fast-paced action packed gameplay.

Developed by Coatsink Software the game will release on October 4th and cost £9.49/$11.99/€11.99.

The GAMR team love the look of Shu and will be getting hands on with it at this year's EGX so be sure to check back for our full thoughts on the gameplay.

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