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PlayStation 4 Pro: The GAMR Team's First Thoughts

With Sony's reveal of the PlayStation 4 Pro and it's price and release date we've all started thinking about what this all means. Read on for our first thoughts from the GAMR team.


I think the idea is awesome but I can't warrant buying it unless it'll improve frame rate and given that there's going to be a free HDR update it feels like the PS4 Pro is now all about 4k. With an extremely powerful graphics card for my PC already I would need a little more convincing.

It's cool but i'd rather wait for the PS5 or whatever comes next. I also feel like they didn't go into enough detail either potentially because they can't match the specs rumoured for Microsoft's Xbox Scorpio.


I didn't really see a reason for me to buy one. I don't have a 4K TV yet and with no new games revealed it's not enticing me. I play for content not for graphical fidelity.


One half of me wonders exactly how much extra you're really going to be getting for your money and whether developers will be able to do something special enough to justify the outlay. However, the other half of me just thinks: oooooohhhh shiny!!!


It looks great, but is it really necessary, we know where gaming is heading so this feels more like a stepping stone than a truely advanced hardware iteration.


I was pretty damn underwhelmed to be fair, I expected HDR, I expected 4K but I also thought there'd be something more. For now this isn't a worthwhile console upgrade for me but I do think the price and specs seem good value for new players.

What did you think of the PlayStation 4 Pro reveal? Are you exciting about the console or not so keen? Let us know in the comments.

Sony also unveiled a slimline PS4 as well as unveiling 'forwards compatibility' for older PS4 games and that the latest Call Of Duty titles will be Pro ready on launch.

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