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Nintendo Unveil Super Mario Run For iOS Devices Coming This Year

Nintendo’s most beloved character; Mario, was recently confirmed to be making his way to iPhone’s across the globe before the end of the year.

This new iteration of Mario is to be titled “Super Mario Run” and will be available exclusively on iOS upon its launch in December, however speaking about an android release; a Nintendo spokesperson told Kotaku “We do intend to release the game on Android devices at some point in the future”.

Super Mario Run will have three game modes and is said to be designed so that players can traverse the worlds in the game with just one hand. The first game mode will feature a classic style Mario experience, where the objective is to reach the flag at the end of the level by overcoming obstacles. While other mode titled “Toad Rally” sets the user the challenge of beating another players’ score on a set level. The final mode allows players to “Create your own mushroom kingdom” using the coins they will have gathered on the two aforementioned modes.

The time seems ripe for Nintendo to strike with another game on mobile platforms, with Pokemon Go experiencing a phenomenal amount of downloads and active users. Like Pokemon Go, it is said that Super Mario Run will feature in-app purchases although these are yet to be specified.

The announcement was made at Apple's latest Event which took place in San Francisco where the iPhone 7 and Apple Watch series 2 were also announced respectively.

With any big announcement such as this comes its sceptics, and admittedly there are some question marks surrounding the game. For example; how deep/enjoyable a Mario experience can be created on a mobile device? While that question is more than valid and only time will tell; in general this is a great announcement for gamers such as myself who don’t own a Nintendo console and for members of the general populace that haven’t been gaming since the days of the NES/SNES.

For those like myself, who haven’t owned a Nintendo console for quite some time (the last Nintendo console I owned was the Gamecube) Mario games will no doubt be one of the franchises that players have been dreaming for the unlikely day that the game goes cross platform. While Super Mario Run is hardly likely to match up to the quality of classic Mario games; saving the day as that Italian plumber with the worlds best moustache might be one of the best nostalgia trips we will ever experience.

Kris Pugh | @KrisPugh_X

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