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Hands On With HoPiko The Delightful Two Button Platform Puzzler Speedrunner Mash Up

With EGX being absolutely filled to the brim with a slew of unique and engaging titles, we as gamers have been treated to so many new and incredibly engaging experiences. One such experience was that of HoPiko a tense 2D platform puzzler from developer Laser Dog that uses a grand total of two buttons. Yep, just two buttons. In fact it's not even two buttons, it's actually one button and a control stick all on the right hand side of the controller.

In our hands on I played the game with an Xbox 360 controller using only my right hand, certainly an unusual way to play but immediately fresh and engaging. Upon learning the simple controls - use the right stick to aim your character and release to jump in that direction and push the right trigger to jump directly straight - I proceeded to very quickly get engrossed within the addictive gameplay.

With it's excellent art style HoPiko is clear, concise and looks great. This coupled with the simple mechanics makes for a surprisingly challenging yet quick to play experience. The game is separated into stages each split into individual puzzle/platformer challenges which must all be completed in succession without dying or it's back to the start of the stage again. I loved this play method, it really helped ramp up the tension as I beat each small challenge in the goal of beating the stage giving me a real sense of achievement on beating it.

For me the game is a prime example of fantastic experiences that can be created from a simple premise. With the game set to release on Steam, PlayStation and Xbox in the not too distant future and an expected 'pocket money' price this is one game I can't wait to get back to.

Ben Corbett-Mills | @benleopards

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