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Can I Wear Glasses Comfortably With The PlayStation VR?

A huge question for me as a glasses wearer has been 'Can I wear glasses comfortably with the PlayStation VR' and the good news is that yes it certainly seems I can wear glasses with PlayStation VR comfortably.

After having trialed the hardware in several different scenarios and in comparison to other core consumer brand VR headsets such as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. The PlayStation VR is without a doubt the most well designed and comfortable of the lot, I wear reasonably wide/thick glasses and found them to have no hinderance on the comfort of the headset or my ability to enjoy playing a game through the PSVR either.

The GAMR team and I will be getting hands on with the full consumer model upon it's release date on October 13th 2016 so be sure to check back for our full review, more on how comfortable it is to wear and play with glasses and our review of all the launch games!

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Ben Corbett-Mills | @benleopards

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