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All Current PlayStation 4 Models Set To Get HDR Firmware Update

As part of the epic Sony Press Conference that revealed both a new slimline PS4 and Sony's higher powered 4K Playstation 4 Pro, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Andrew House revealed that all current PS4 models will also get a firmware update for HDR compatibility. The free firmware update is expected to be released over the coming weeks and all PlayStation 4 models will be able to download the patch.

Sony also announced the PlayStation 4 Pro will cost £349 and release November 10th 2016. In addition the slimline PlayStation 4 will retail from £259 and be available to purchase from September 15th 2016 onwards.

Are you excited about your current console being HDR capable in the immediate future? Or is it of no interest to you whatsoever? Let us know in the comments.

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