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Top 6 Best LEGO Marvel Cinematic Universe Sets (3-1)

3. Super Hero Airport Battle
Set Number: 76051
Piece Count: 807

It’s hard to find a fault with this set, based on the epic Airport face-off between Team Cap and Team Iron Man in Marvel’s Captain America Civil War this set has an abundance of epic characters and some epic builds too. Featuring an airport control tower, a fantastic albeit smaller rendition of the Avengers very own Quinjet and most important of all a brick-built figure of the scene stealing Ant-Man as Giant-Man. With LEGO Minifigures including Captain America, Iron Man, The Winter Soldier, Scarlet Witch, War Machine and Agent 13 this is a jam packed set.

2. The Milano – Guardians Of The Galaxy
Set Number: 76021
Piece Count: 665

Guardians Of The Galaxy was a breathtakingly fantastic movie, action packed, well humoured and thoroughly enjoyable. The film’s lead vehicle, Star Lords iconic The Milano is an absolute delight in LEGO, exceptionally well designed, it looks the part, has some great play features and includes plenty of nods to the movie like a tile that shows Peter Quill’s tape deck. With a great mix of key minifigures from the movie including Star Lord, Drak, Gamora and Ronan it’s a must have for fans of GOTG.

Retail Price: £69.99
Current Value: £90-£120 Sealed

1. The SHIELD Helicarrier
Set Number: 76042
Piece Count: 2996

As the largest standout vehicle in the Marvel Cinematic Universe it was inevitable that LEGO would turn their hands to producing a complete behemoth of a UCS set for the SHIELD Helicarrier. Featured throughout many of the MCUs movies and rendered here with epic accuracy, including micro-sized figures of characters like Iron Man, Captain America and Nick Fury, not to mention the option to expand with lights and motors to make this standout craft fully operational and an epic play or display piece.

Retail Price: £269.99

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