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Battlefield 1 Beta: Our Suspicions Confirmed It's Going To Be Awesome

Let’s be real, we’ve all been sat on this release, waiting in great anticipation since that beautiful initial trailer back in July. Being ever so keen about a new battlefield title, have waited long enough, I was glad of the early access beta code that EA dropped into my email inbox yesterday (cheers EA).

So, myself and FunkyFerret popped in for a few. Only Conquest and Rush are currently available on a single playable map, Sinai Desert. On my game of Conquest on this map, I immediately feel that this is one of the biggest BF maps I have ever played. Captured in a vast desert terrain, this map offers up huge potential for a broad range of play styles. The dunes and mountains offer great sniping positioning, whilst the small clusters of building offer great claustrophobic environments ideal for CQC combat.

Even though only still in beta, I think I can safely say, this is hands down the best Battlefield I have played. Sometimes, the previous titles didn’t quite offer me the reward I like, (compared to my ever favourite Rainbow Six Siege) I love an intense firefight, where I actually feel a reward for my actions, and Battlefield 1 captures this perfectly. When you’re 1v1 with an enemy, every shot counts, if you are too late to the draw, you’re out. Each class offers a range of styles, and I can say, it’s a lot of fun riding a horse towards the enemy whilst you slay them down with a sword, or roll out an anti-tank grenade blowing up a metal behemoth, no doubt makes you feel like Rambo.

I absolutely, can’t wait for this full game, and if you haven’t tried the beta, it’s now available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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Nick Barlow | @Nickybarlow

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