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Amazon Dash: 4 Reasons Why It Could Be Amazing For Video Games

With today’s UK reveal of the frankly mind boggling new ordering technology from Amazon; Dash, our brains went into overdrive about how this could impact on our beloved gaming hobbies.

What is Dash? Well basically it’s a small wifi enabled physical order button that allows you to; with a single tap, order a preset item from Amazon without ever going near a computer or mobile device. The technology for all intents and purposes is fairly simple but Amazon are using it in such a unique way that it just makes so much sense both from a consumer ease and – most importantly for Amazon – a financial business perspective.

So how could this impact gaming?

Well at the moment there's nothing in the list of available Dash buttons that reflects on gaming in any way, unless of course you take into account the five minutes you'd save getting Ariel or Lenor delivered to you door instead of leaving the house...

That being said, as a system this has huge potential to really help us gamers get the most out of our gaming time and plan ahead. Here's a few ways we reckon it could be the bees knees.

1. The Snack Run

Planning a full on session of curtains closed, all night, phones off gaming? Imagine how awesome it'd be to have a preset selection of your favourite snacks queud up on your Amazon account, and all you had to do was knock that button to have them all paid for and delivered with effectively no effort. Man, that'd be awesome.

2. Out Of Games

Most of us have a long list of games we want to play, so imagine an Amazon Dash button that connects to your list of must play games. Soon as you've nearly finished something you could tap the button and have a new game ready to play in no time. Yep, you could do this digitally, we know, but hey we love physical and have you seen the digital prices for some games recently? Ouch.

3. The Big Releases

Ok, so not quite as straightforward as the snacks. But, with a bit of pre-emptive planning Amazon could feasibly set up a button that allows you to order an Amazon selected weekly mega title by tapping the button. Call it the 'Golden Games' button, send out an email (Call Of Duty 23 coming this week), then as consumers we'd just need to tap the button to have the latest number one release delivered to our doors. Great for those of us impulse gamers who want to play the biggest releases as soon as they're out - not so great for our wallets though.

4. Subscription Credit

Xbox live running out? Hit your Amazon Dash to get a new subscription code direct to your email inbox. Simple.

What do you think of Amazon's Dash system will you be checking it out and potentially using it for everyday items? What do you think of it's potential to be used for gaming? Let us know in the comments.

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