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The New Legend Of Zelda Will Have Huge 1.5 Hour Demo At E3

With Nintendo being practically absent from E3 this year, only bringing their new Zelda title it's little surprise that they're going all out with what's apparently an epic extended demo of the title.

Press have been told to set aside a rather chunky 1.5 hours for they're hands on playthrough, with Nintendo reportedly confirming that the demo will let players "Step into the wilds of Hyrule and explore some of the grasslands, forests and mountains that they've been given mere glimpses of to date."

It's awesome to hear that there'll be such an extensive demo to play and whilst we won't be there, expect to hear more about the contents of the demo itself when we do. With this new Legend Of Zelda title set to release on both Wii U and Nintendo's new console code named NX this demo will be critical for Nintendo in drilling up further excitement and support going forward.

What do you think to the news of this extended demo? Is this Nintendo reacting to having very little else to show or is focusing solely on one of their biggest core franchises for E3 the right move? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Ben Corbett-Mills / @benleopards

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