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Star Trek Bridge Crew VR Is The Star Trek Simulator We've Been Waiting For

It's something many have wanted for years on end but finally we're getting a true Star Trek game with Bridge Crew. The VR title shown off at Ubisoft's E3 conference gave us a fantastic look at the upcoming game, utilising well known cast members of the TV series itself. Check out the introductory video below.

The game seems like something of a 'button pressing' title, but we feel it's beauty lies in it's attempt to truely simulate the Star Trek environment of being you and the crew against the wilds of space. You can put this one under highly intriguing, and whilst the demo didn't give a huge deal away about how the game would play out the idea of playing with a crew of friends in this epic virtual environment has us excited. That's of course if all your friends can afford to pick up a VR headset.

What did you think of the reveal of Star Trek Bridge Crew the first ever Star Trek VR title? We're excited but keen to see more. Let us know your thoughts on the game in the comments.

Star Trek Bridge Crew will launch this fall.

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