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Sony Unveils Resident Evil VII As A VR Title

In a disturbing reveal from a first person perspective, Sony showcased an unexpectedly creepy setting of an abandoned house with the usual horror aesthetics of creepy bugs, rotting food and weird creatures in the shadows.

The biggest surprise of all though was that this game will playable both traditionally on console and as a fully immersive VR experience from beginning to end. The trailer had us unnerved and creeped out straight away, the idea of playing this all in VR is nerve racking to say the very least. Check out the exceptionally creepy gameplay teaser below.

Most surprising of all though was that this title was finally revealed after the suspense all the creep and suspense to be none other than the next core entry in the Resident Evil saga. Resident Evil VII!

We'll be keeping a very close eye on the title as further information is released and with a launch date of January 24th 2017 we expect there'll be plenty more information to follow. What do you think of this newly revealed Resident Evil and it's clear return to horror that made the franchise? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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