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Is Grand Theft Auto IV's Liberty City Coming To GTA V?

With no as of yet confirmed single player DLC for Grand Theft Auto V - if there will ever be any - many have been curious to discover what may or may not be next for the world of GTA V. Through the powers of the internet GTA Forum members have discovered an intriguing screenshot posted on the online portfolio of Adrian Page a current Rockstar employee.

Below you can see the screenshot in question which appears to depict Liberty City's Middle Park from GTA IV in a much fresher, modern engine - likely that of GTA V's.

What does this screenshot mean however?Well it certainly points at one of several potentials - the first and most exciting would be that Rockstar has been hard at work rebuilding the fantastic sprawling metropolis that is Liberty City ready for some kind of inclusion within GTA V itself. The second, more likely and much less tantalising is that this screenshot represents engine development and preparation for GTA V with Rockstar's art team using old assets and familiar locations to test and develop the art direction of the engine on which GTA V was eventually built.

We can certainly hope that this is a fresh screenshot for upcoming new GTA V content but we wouldn't hold our breath. With such a long period since the games launch we should expect news about GTA V single player content any time soon - again, if it's ever coming - perhaps that mysteriously teased Rockstar announcement at this year's E3 could yield some results.

What do you think of the screenshot, does it point toward potential new content or is this just the internet - and us - being hopeful for more additions to this fantastic game? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Ben Corbett-Mills / @benleopards

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