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God Of War Revealed: Kratos Is Back With A Son, An Axe And An Epic Beard

After kicking off it's E3 conference with what can only be described as an epic ensemble of classical music, Sony jumped straight in revealing a brand new God Of War. We're introduced to a new take on the character of Kratos, shown slightly elder, more grizzled and sporting an excellent beard in a fantastic extended demo. 

The game takes us through the paces with a slow reveal of what appears to a human born son of Kratos, the pair initially head out into the forest on a hunt together. However, in true God Of War fashion things instantly ramp up when the pair come under attack from a series of mystical creatures. The combat is punchy and aggressively violent as we've come to expect from the series. Yet, the new dynamic of having Kratos with a child hunting together marks a really intersting new dynamic and potentially a more humanised element to the character.

The game looks absolutely marvelous, with a gorgeous, living, breathing world. To round out the demo we see the pair finish their hunt with an epic wide pan that reveals what appears to be a dragon. Hinting at potentially a different mythos for this next generation entry in the series. 

What do you think of this new God OF War title? We're excited to learn more about what looks set to be another fantastic but potentially deeper entry in this excellent franchise. Let us know your thoughts on the newly revealed title in the comments.

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