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E3 2016: What Is Bethesda Planning With 4 New Games Rumoured To Be Revealed?

A lot of rumours surround Bethesda’s press conference at this years E3, obvious contenders to be shown include Dishonored 2, Doom DLC announcements, more Fallout 4 content and maybe some Elder Scolls Online DLC too.

Based on sources claiming Bethesda will announce 4 as of yet unheard of titles, hardcore fans are developing theories as to what they will announce; the most exciting of which has to be the ‘leaked’ information regarding an Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim remaster. As a fan of the franchise and the genre it’s exciting news, as the single player RPG scene seems a bit limited on our current gen, and the chance to return to the life of the Dragonborn, adventuring around the beautiful lands of Skyrim would be fantastic. The timing seems perfect, as there have been no signs of a new Elder Scrolls title, and even if one were revealed we would likely be looking at a bit of a wait for it.

Other rumours suggest a far-fetched theory in which Obsidian Entertainment may have been working on a new Fallout standalone, having previously developed the original Fallout Series and spin-off Fallout: New Vegas, this could be possible though highly unlikely so soon after the launch of Fallout 4. Other likely theories are the reveals of sequels for other strong hitters for Bethesda including Wolfenstein 2 and a sequel to The Evil Within.

One of the more exciting rumours however is the suggested resurgence of Prey 2, a game that prior to it’s cancellation in 2014 had looked set to give us an epic bounty hunter style adventure in unique alien landscapes and cities. Rumour has it that while the initial game was scrapped, the game may have been rebuilt from the ground up utilising the same ideas by an offshoot team of Dishonored developer Arkane. This could be a definite one to watch if it does get revealed.

With so much potential I will personally be watching Bethesda’s presentation with great anticipation and expectations, hoping at least one of these rumours turns out to be true.

Richard Di Stefano | @richup5

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