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E3 2016: Our PlayStation Predictions - Educated Guesses And Speculation

Things that may happen

Educated guesses and some speculation.

Sony Bend announces their new game

Radio silence much? Shuhei Yoshida has mentioned many times that Bend are working on a new game. This has to be the year to reveal it? Could it be VR game? Or a new IP for PS4? Time will tell but we have a hunch this could be the year.

Spiderman PS4 exclusive game

Rumor mill has been going crazy for this one in recent months. Rumor has it that sucker punch is working on a Spiderman game! We can’t help getting excited about that, imagine a Spiderman game from the developers of Infamous! Also - with heavy speculation from this writer – Sony and Marvel’s new movie agreement could potentially mean IP exclusivity for games featuring the character on PlayStation. Only time will tell…

PS4 Price drop?

If the PS4K does indeed happen then this is unlikely, however if that is just the internet blowing up for no reason, this this is a dead cert. It sure would be time for an official price drop wouldn’t it?

Probably won’t happen

Things that will probably not happen (but we really, really want them to)!

Red Dead Redemption 2 is announced on the Sony stage

We are not going the whole hog and saying it would be a PS Exclusive (even though that would be awesome) but it would be great to see the game (which is rumored) but even greater to see it wearing the Sony badge.

Crash Bandicoot

Reboot, remake, new title? It doesn’t matter we just want it! The rights to Crash are a bit complicated but recently he has been back in our minds due to a great Easter Egg in a recent game (don’t want to spoil that here). Some people seem to think this is likely to happen but we’re not convinced, we’ll happily be proven wrong though. 

The Ability to Change Your PlayStation Network Name.

You know the score, everyone wants it, Sony says it can’t be done. It is the most requested feature change from the user base, so it would be one hell of an announcement… a mic drop moment indeed. 

Vita gets a AAA game

Yea right! The little machine is done, Sony is slowly letting it drop off, no Old Yella moment but rather a slow death. Come on Sony give us a first party AAA game for the little console that could.

So what do you think? Anything you want to see from the Sony conference? Do you think we’re miles off? Have any of your own suggestions or speculation? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Jake Buchanan / @HDD_Heart

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