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E3 2016: Our PlayStation Predictions

Last year’s E3 was a solid outing for PlayStation fans, with some great reveals - albeit with no releases or concreate information - and PlayStation has been on form lately, really building upon their already strong brand and fan base.

This year, however, could be a tricky one for Sony, the PS4 is now mid cycle and needs some solid exclusive games to keep PS fans ticking over. They have the small matter of launching PlayStation VR and if rumors are to be believed they may well introduce a new upgraded version of the PS4 which has the potential to be highly controversial.

Anyhow, let’s get going with some predictions. Fingers crossed Sony can pull another E3 ‘Mic Drop’ moment out of the bag this year and blow us away yet again.

Solid Predictions

Here’s what we reckon is guaranteed.

PlayStation VR

Sony’s PlayStation VR will get a good amount of time dedicated to it across their conference, the company has a lot riding on this new hardware so we should expect some solid title announcements. Fingers crossed for the ‘Killer App’ that will really sell this new tech.

The last Guardian will get a release date for 2016

It has to be close to being finished? Doesn’t it? The fact that we’re still waiting for this game after so darn long is kind of funny, and, the fact we STILL don’t have a solid release date is somewhat baffling. We predict a solid demo with the end caption ‘Coming fall 2016’. This release date will still give Sony some wiggle room should any further problems crop up with the games development.

Horizon Zero Dawn gets a release date for 2017

Last year’s brilliant reveal for ‘Horizon’, the new IP from Guerilla Studios, was met with a very warm reception. They shared enough to wet our appetite but since then we have had radio silence. We can’t go another E3 without a release date for this game, Sony needs its exclusives and so do we.  

Final Fantasy 7 remake gets some more stage time  

Filed under a ‘Mic Drop’ moment, last year’s FF7 remake reveal was a baller move by Sony. Maybe it was announced a bit too soon? Yea probably, but fear of a leak may have forced Sony’s hand. I doubt we will get a release date and it won’t be resigned to a short sizzle real. We should see some solid details and footage, but not much more than that for now. 


We were unsure whether to file this under the ‘Maybe’ list but I think it is all but confirmed. We will certainly be getting a new PS4 upgrade. Hopefully Sony will message it correctly, this is Sony’s danger card, and a mishandled reveal could be fatal. Hopefully they just market it as a new PS4 Slim… 

Gravity Rush 2 gets a release date

It has been in development for a while now and (same old story) we don’t have a date. Fingers crossed we get this game this year or early 2017.

Read on to see what we think might happen and what probably will not.

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