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E3 2016: All The Awesome News & Reveals So Far

There's been plenty of awesome announcements at E3 2016! Worried you might of missed something check out a roundup of all the best news below.

God Of War Revealed: Kratos Is Back With A Son, An Axe And An Epic Beard

Exclusive New Spider-Man Game Revealed For PS4

Sony Unveils Resident Evil VII As A VR Title

Ghost Recon Wildlands Epic New Details, Release Date and Gameplay Trailer

Crash Bandicoot is Back! Sony Reveals HD Remasters For PS4

New FALLOUT 4 DLC: Theme Parks, Crazy Contraptions & Your Own Vault!

Skyrim: HD Remaster Is Real! DLC, Release Date and MODS!

40% Slimmer, More Powerful 4K Xbox One Slim Unveiled

Quake Is Back! New Game & Details Revealed

Betheda Reveals New PREY With A Creepy Sci-FI Isolation Aesthetic

The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Official Trailer! Adventuring, Cooking, Climbing and More!

Batman Arkham Playstation VR Game Revealed

Dead Rising 4 Revealed Coming Exclusive To Xbox One This Year

Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding Is Exactly As Crazy As It Should Be

The Last Guardian Finally Gets A Release Date And It Is Coming Very Soon

Star Trek Bridge Crew VR Is The Star Trek Simulator We've Been Waiting For

Ubisoft Reveal Epic Survival DLC Coming To The Division

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