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Why the Assassin's Creed Trailer Gets it so Right

There's been so much speculation about what we gamers could expect from the upcoming movie based on the Assassin's Creed franchise. That consistent little niggle of 'will it follow the path as every other game adaptation' has most definitely been playing on our minds. Yet, after a few brief glimpses into this world via released press images we finally get a little peek behind the curtain in the form of a full debut trailer. Where once there was a niggle of doubt, there's now excitement and intrigue - this trailer gives us such a quick look at what actually could be an excellent movie.

Take a look at this debut trailer now and read on to find out why we're so excited, and more so impressed by what is a fantastic debut trailer both for gamers and the general public.

As you can see, the trailer flies by at breakneck speed, giving the audience a little tease to it's premise highlighting the state of Michael Fassbender's character whilst simultaneously establishing the key threat of the movie. The Animus, familiar to those who have played the game gets a key mention too seeding that it's purpose allows for the exploration of historical memories. Uniquely unlike the games themselves this Animus is on longer a sleep machine but appears to be some sort of VR augmentation device that connects to the body of the user allowing them to physically act out these memories - a genius and logical alteration.

Why does the trailer work so well then? Put simply, it shows us everything we'd want to see. There's tons of action, the premise is unique and it all looks beautiful. Of course, this is great for the uninitiated too as it's not over-indulgent in selling it to existing fans and as such triumphs in introducing to the general public a unique action-movie premise starring an arguably sensational cast including the likes of Michael Fassbender, Marion Cottilard and (sneakily in there) Jeremy Irons.

This is how it should be done - this trailer makes us feel like the property has been done justice, it doesn't seem silly, it doesn't seem pandering, it shows us simply, a first look at a movie created by people who are passionate about this property, yet willing to adapt it to transcend from a simple game adaptation to a movie in and of it's own.

As a side note - Not keen on that trailer music? Then check out this alternative version with a more traditional and epic score!

We'll be there with the popcorn come December for sure. What did you think to this debut trailer, is it everything you hoped for, does it fill you with dread or are you just plain in awe? Let us know in the comments!

Ben Corbett-Mills / @benleopards

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