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Rumour: Playstation 4.5 Neo to be released by this October

In a report sourced from videogamer.com, French video games distributor Innelec Media may have let slip the potential launch window for Sony's rumoured 4K upgrade of the PS4 or as its more commonly known PS4 Neo.

In their FY16 earnings report shared via press release Innelec Media have stated that Sony's new console which it refers to as 'Neo 4K' will launch within the first half of the companies financial year. Which would place it anytime between now and October this year. 

This news provides yet another small validation that Sony's enhanced PS4 console exists and as it seems could be arriving quite soon. Will we see more it at E3? If these continual leaks are anything to go by, Sony may be wise to get some solid information out there to start conveying the benefits of this console to the wider audience that may otherwise become confused.

What do you think of this latest tidbit of information does this all but confirm the PS Neo is on its way and if so what are you expecting from the console? Let's us know in the comments!

Ben Cotbett-Mills / @benleopards

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