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Is Transformers 5 The Start of a Shared Movie Universe?

It's been bubbling under the surface for a little while now but it's now been officially revealed that the next installment in the Transformers movie franchise will be called Transformers: The Last Knight.

What that could mean for the franchise and the plot of the movie is anyone's guess, though speculation does suggest the movie could be set to crossover with other toys from Hasbro's large collection. As the Transformers 4 title Age of Extinction hinted in advance that the movie would inevitably include the dinobots, Forbes suggest that the title of The Last Knight could hint at the inclusion of the Hasbro action figure ROM: Space Knight.

With Optimus Prime travelling off into space utilising the mysterious sword he found at the end of the last movie, this could most certainly tie together well. This of course all lends well to the rumours that Hasbro are looking to create their own shared movie universe equivalent to that of Marvel's MCU, though speculation had suggested the Transformers franchise wouldn't be part of this initially.

What do you think to this new title? Does it give a good suggestion of what we could expect to see in Transformers 5 or is it just (yet again) another way to refer to Optimus Prime? Let us know your thoughts!

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