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Ghostbusters Reboot Gets A Fresh 2nd Trailer With Potential Spoilers

With the much maligned Ghostbusters reboot coming to cinemas in the not too distant future, it's no surprise that the hype machine is aiming to warm things up with the launch of this second trailer. After the critically horrendous reception to the initial trailer - one that we thought had a few good points among the bad - Sony Pictures most certainly have something of a mountain to climb in respect to gaining back an audience for the movie. Check out this newly released trailer below and read on for our thoughts.

So, we don't feel hugely different after watching this from how we felt when we watched the debut trailer, our only real difference is that these new characters and this new take have had a little more chance to soak in. We feel like there's been a slight change in tone, whilst comedy is downplayed slightly, more emphasis seems to have been put on similarities to the original and the action of this new movie.

It's not a bad trailer, but it doesn't have us any more excited than we were previously which could suggest that trailer may struggle to work in gaining more of a general audience, however we shall see how things pan out. Overall we remain cautiously optimistic simply based on the great cast and director but seriously hope this doesn't result in the death of such a beloved franchise. We also noticed some irritating potential spoilers - read on below if you're interested, you've been warned.


One minor irksome moment in the trailer for us is the reveal that Chris Hemsworth's character Kevin will be possessed - in a gender swapped similarity to events of the first movie. But the trailer then goes to show Kevin in some scenes that potentially suggest that he could well be the physical vessel for which the villain of the movie is portrayed. A great homage to the original movie for sure, but certainly a surprise I would much rather of had when watching the movie.

Ben Corbett-Mills / @benleopards

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