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EA Initially Rejected Battlefield 1 As Not Fun To Play

When pitching new ideas to EA Studios, DICE the developers behind the acclaimed Battlefield franchise were initially met with scepticism and rejection when they brought forward the idea of taking the franchise to a World War 1 era.

When discussing the upcoming title at EA Investor briefings, EA Studio boss Patrick Söderland stated how when it was shown to him "The idea of World War 1 I absolutely rejected it." continuing "World War 1 is a trench war, it can't be fun to play".

DICE inevitably overcame this rejection by actually showcasing a short demo of their intentions for the game and how in fact this could be an exciting experience for the gamer. Needless to say, this changed Söderland's mind and DICE were able to go into development on the title.

The most interesting thing to take away from all this is that DICE are clearly very passionate about this game and believe it'll be a great new experience for players. From what we've seen so far we've got to agree as the title looks set to be fresh, unique and completely exciting in an otherwise stale arena of generic FPS games.

As Söderland has mentioned "Whenever you take creative risks and it works, you actually can get to substantial success". Let's hope this rings true when the title is released as it's a bold move for EA and DICE and one we certainly hope pays off. What are your thoughts on the World War 1 era, do you think this a great way for the franchise to go or should it have remained modern like it's contemporaries? Let us know in the comments.

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Battlefield 1 launches on October 21st 2016.

Ben Corbett-Mills / @benleopards

Source: IGN

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