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Captain America: Civil War Smashes Through $1 Billion Globally

Whilst it's becoming less of a surprise when a Marvel movie breaks the $1 Billion mark, Captain America: Civil War acts as a fantastic milestone for the character's franchise being it's first to break the barrier. The Pseudo-Avengers sequel currently sits at over $1 Billion globally after only being in release for 23 days so far worldwide, in turn making it the 4th highest grossing MCU movie out of the 13 released so far.

With Captain America: The First Avenger pulling in a total run earnings of $370.5 Million and the exceptional Captain America: The Winter Soldier garnering a much better $714.4 Million it's great to see that Captain America continues to push forward for Marvel.

Whilst the movie itself might answer us who would win against Captain America's faction and Iron Man's it'll certainly be interesting to see if Civil War can top the impressive full run earnings of $1,215.4 Billion that Iron Man 3 produced - perhaps showing who the true (at least financially for Disney) winner of Civil War is.

We loved the movie and think it's an absolute must watch, check out our spoiler free review to find out why!

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