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9 Reasons Why Battlefield 1 Will Be Awesome (Part 3)

7. Campaign

While not a lot has been revealed about the campaign yet, Dice have told us that it will expand across multiple Characters, Nations, Continents and Factions. As seen on the initial image that leaked prior to the reveal you see a member of the Harlem Hellfighters who were an African-American infantry unit from that period who spent more time in combat than any other American unit. It’s also been confirmed that the Bedouin female warrior (Seen riding her horse in the trailer) will be a playable character in the campaign. It seems that Dice have been doing their research on everything from that time period and wish to educate us “We want to delve into some of the unknowns of World War I” said Daniel Berlin, Battlefield 1 Lead Game Designer. 

A recent reported leak however, does mention that there will only be 6 Missions available in the game, each of which will be the story from a different character, this however remains unconfirmed and even if it is true, the length and content available in these 6 alleged missions is yet to be seen.

8. Combat Dynamic

With all of the information we have discussed so far it’s already quite easy to picture what combat will be like in Battlefield 1, Multiplayer, which is the absolute core of past Battlefield games is going to change drastically. Say goodbye to any digital weaponry what-so-ever, heat-seeking missiles are gone, so vehicles are going to be more of a threat, sniper rifles weren’t that great back then either so good luck getting a 1600m headshot. While this might not paint a pretty picture, I can tell you now it will when you play it. I remember the golden days of H1Z1 where guns were way too rare for anybody to have and everybody had shoddy bows and axes, everybody sucked and I’ve never experienced FPS combat as intense as that ever since. Those of you who have played it who are over the age of 14 know exactly what I’m referring to. We’re all going to suck, it’s going to be so much more challenge and it’s going to be so much fun!

9. Early Access-DLC

Battlefield 1 is available for Pre-Order right now with 2 available options, we have the Standard Edition which comes with a 7 day early access to a free map drop and the Hellfighter Pack. Details of the map and Hellfighter pack are scarce but you can be sure the Hellfighter pack relates directly to the Harlem Hellfighters previously mentioned. Also available is the Early Enlister Deluxe Edition of the game which comes with the same pre order bonuses available in standard along with a 3 day early access pass prior to the games official release date as well as the Red Baron Pack, Lawrence of Arabia Pack and 5 x Battlepacks to set you on your way. Again, details on the bonus DLC are scarce but The Red Baron pack may be in relation to Manfred Von Richthofen who was a legendary German fighter pilot known as The Red Baron and was officially credited with 80 air combat victories. The Lawrence of Arabia pack is pretty self-explanatory however the content within these DLC packs has not been announced so keep your eyes open for more info as it is made available.

Also make sure you get yourself along to the Battlefield website and sign yourself up for the Insider program for the chance to get a slot in the Beta. No date has been announced for the Beta yet but with the game dropping in October it should come along August/September, here is the link to sign up: 

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