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9 Reasons Why Battlefield 1 Will Be Awesome (Part 2)

4. Vehicles

This is where things are going to get a little bit wild; it’s been confirmed that a huge assortment of vehicles are going to be in Battlefield 1 from Jeeps to Ships and Tanks to Biplanes. Now to Battlefield fans this isn't news at all really but Dice have added a little twist to that by confirming that Horses are going to be in the game, a recipe for some epic battles (and youtube videos) of horses taking on tanks which fits nicely into Dices expressed desire to capture as many “Battlefield Moments” as possible. Although no U-Boats (Submarines for those of you too young to know) have been confirmed it seems they have everything else covered so we can only hope!

While this is me joining the dots and I could be wrong, Dice confirmed in their live Q&A that they have special vehicles that can deal “Huge Destruction but also be a huge target for the enemy team” in that segment of the discussion they mentioned this in relation to a gigantic Ship, I believe there is some form of juggernaut vehicle class available such as The Train, The Ship and the enormous Zeppelin that are all seen in the trailer, this is speculation but if true this could lead for some amazing gameplay.

5. Class System

The class system in Battlefield 1 seems to be very similar to previous instalments with a few modifications. Firstly, you have your standard Assault and Support classes but we now have Scout and Medic classes too. We can only assume that the Scout class is as close to recon as you can get in World War I with marking and ranged combat expertise, however, separating the healing from the Assault class and prioritising it in the Medic class should receive a warm reception for gameplay and game balancing reasons. After all, why should the damage class (Assault) have the ability to heal anyway!? In their Q&A Dice also briefly mentioned that spawning inside a vehicle will set you to the corresponding vehicles class system. This is definitely an interesting scoop of info which leads on to the possibility of levelling and tailoring your skill sets for when you spawn in vehicles depending on the class you play as, Assault-BiPlane, Support-Tank and even Medic-Jeep, very cool stuff!

6. Weapons

A lot of people are concerned that the time period Battlefield 1 is set in will restrict players in terms of weapon selection and modification. Whilst this might be true in terms of modification (No official comment as of yet) Dice have assured us that there will be an expansive array of weaponry available to players that will keep the gameplay challenging, varied and entertaining. Some of the standard weaponry available in the time period could be seen in the reveal trailer from bolt action rifles to pistols and shotguns along with more exotic weapons that will mix up the gameplay such as Mustard Gas and Flame Throwers. With Battlefield 1 we’ll more than likely find weapons that have never been used in previous titles becoming rather popular in Battlefield 1, don’t forget, World War I was very close quarters trench combat and with Dice throwing Melee into the mixer, weapons like the Flame Thrower and Shotgun become a very real threat indeed!

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