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9 Reasons Why Battlefield 1 Will Be Awesome

We’re majorly excited about the recently announced Battlefield 1, it looks fresh, unique and set to give us a fantastic new experience with the classic Battlefield gameplay we know and love. With that in mind we’ve picked 9 reasons why this game has the potential to rule, and a couple of concerns to be wary of too. Read on and be sure to let us know if you agree or disagree with our points!

1. Graphics

Before Star Wars: Battlefront even hit the shelves, one of the first things noted was the insanely realistic nature of the in-game visuals powered by the frostbite 3 engine. Having played video games for over 20 years now I still had to ask my friend “are we watching a cut scene?….is this in game!?” With Battlefield 1 being revealed showcasing the same visual power as battlefront it’s left nothing to the imagination, the game so far looks like sheer eye candy!

2. Time Period

The community has been heard, Battlefield is going back in time, straight into World War I. While this is further back than expected, it will be a welcome change of pace for all Battlefield and FPS fans alike. When any discussion about previous wars in video games occurs it’s always focused on Vietnam or World War II. A recent poll showed that only 8% of people voted World War I when asked which war period they would like Battlefield to revisit, with World War II taking more than 50% of the votes. However, I don’t believe this is due to gamers feeling World War II a better time period for the game to be in but because people are very familiar with that war in particular and have much less familiarity with World War I to prefer it. This was a time when war was dirty, gritty and all round brutal. The game being set in this period changes almost everything we’ve come to know in terms of combat within video games – which leads directly to my next point.

3. Melee

You heard it right, World War I is the perfect setting in which Dice can dive further into the realms of melee combat. Dice have confirmed that the melee weapons will be essential to gameplay and have specific stats attached to them such as Speed, Power and the ability to hit multiple enemies at once. Alongside this there will be additional unique melee abilities such as the bayonet charge. So far only a handful of melee weapons have been confirmed (Trench Mace, Sword, Bayonet and Trench Spade) but I’m sure in the coming months Dice will have us all foaming at the mouth with more details.

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