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2 Reasons To Be Concerned About Battlefield 1

Whilst we're pretty certain this game is going to be awesome, there's a couple of things based on the current information we're a little concerned about too. Read on to find out our concerns!

1. Launch Track Record

While this new Battlefield looks outstanding so far, let’s not let the flashy trailer wipe our memories clean of the infamous initial release of Battlefield 4, one of the worst releases in modern gaming that managed to anger nearly every single gamer on the planet and landed EA in some hot water with multiple lawsuits for their failure to deliver on the promises they had made to their beneficiaries. EA have a pretty shoddy track record when it comes to stuff like this, they didn’t win the coveted Golden poo award two years in a row for their outstanding contribution to the video game industry! That being said, once the fixes came in and Battlefield 4 was at full steam, it became a truly great game that stole hundreds of hours of my life with no regrets. Let’s hope that EA / DICE have learned from their mistakes and deliver the Battlefield experience that we’ve grown to love from day one!

2. No Premium Announced

While Pre-Orders for the game are now live there has been no announcement of whether there will be a premium edition of the game or not, Battlefield 3 and 4 both had Premium editions to enhance the experience of the game, which of course included all future DLC. Stay cautious if you are planning to go the whole hog on your purchase of this game as you might want to wait it out and get on the hype train at the next station – if a Premium edition does indeed rear it’s head.

So that’s 9 reasons we’re excited for Battlefield 1 and 2 concerns, what are your thoughts about Battlefield 1? Do you agree with us and find the time-period of the game unique and interesting or do you have doubts about the game on the whole? Let us know in the comments.

Daniel Rickman / @Mr_LimeBot

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