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New British rock band TIGRESS unleash debut single and video

Rising from the ashes of the recently defunct 'The Hype Theory' comes awesome new British rock act TIGRESS. Bringing a powerful sound straight out the doors with a hard hitting rock track that feels like the best of Mallory Knox and Young Guns melded together, debut track 'Alive' is a statement that says you need to pay attention.

Produced by the excellent Romesh Dodangoda 'Alive' is thumping with great guitars and excellent drum work, beautifully strewn together by powerful vocal melodies and a banger of a chorus courtesy of Katy Jackson whose vocals here appear to excel beyond those previously heard on The Hype Theory tracks. Take a listen to the single and watch the debut video below.

What do you think to this debut single? If you like it be sure to subscribe to the band's YouTube channel, like them on Facebook and hit that Twitter follow button too. As always let us know your thoughts on the song and video in the comments below.

Ben Corbett-Mills / @benleopards

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