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Is Chris Pine DC's new Green Lantern

Chris Pine, known for his roles in movies such as the reimagined Star Trek franchise, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit and This Means War is expected to join DC's cinematic universe as one of two potential roles.

Whilst there have been ongoing rumours that Chris Pine was due to accept the role of Steve Trevor the love interest of Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman in her upcoming standalone movie, these new rumours, coming fresh from Birth Movies Death suggest that he is in fact also in DC's sights to play none other than Hal Jordan/Green Lantern. The source speaking with BMD states that Chris Pine has received an offer from Warner Bros for both the Steve Trevor and Green Lantern roles, giving Pine the choice of role.

The source claims that Pine is leaning towards the Green Lantern role, which makes the most sense as it's a true leading role in it's own franchise. With DC expected to feature their full Justice League cast at the upcoming San Diego Comic Con perhaps we'll not be waiting long to find out if he accepts the role as our new Green Lantern.

For us Pine seems like a sensible choice for Green Lantern, especially if the intention is to stick with the Hal Jordan incarnation, though we'd personally of loved to see a Jon Stewart Green Lantern on the silver screen - Idris Elba anyone?! What do you think of Pine as the new DCCU's Green Lantern, is he the right guy for the role, is someone else better, should we have some more diversity in the DCCU and the inclusion of Jon Stewart? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Ben Corbett-Mills / @benleopards

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