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Will Smith's actual Deadshot costume looks awesome

UPDATE: The image below is in fact not Will Smith, it just so happens to be a fan in their own homemade costume doing a little bit of set invading! Don't fear though as Will Smith's full Deadshot costume has been revealed and in truth it's fantastic - Take a look at it now!

After yesterday's underwhelming news that appeared to show Will Smith's Deadshot in full on cowboy gear - harking back to the characters older costumes - it appears that a newly captured set photo would indicate that these may simply be his street clothes. Take a look below at the new image which has surfaced from the set today courtesy of @seansmovies, which certainly looks more in line with the modern iterations of Deadshot's costume.

We'll admit it's definitely a step up on those street clothes, but it's very intriguing to see that the character may well wear a full face mask though no targeting device is apparent, something which the character is often known for. Whilst it's unclear as to whether Will Smith himself is wearing the costume featured in the shot above or a stunt double, we'd also suggest that this potentially might not actually be Deadshot at all.

The costume has some similar beats - especially with that face mask - to other DC Anti-Hero Deathstroke, but we'd think more likely this could be one of Amanda Waller's men if it in fact isn't Deadshot. What do you think of this if it turns out to be the actual Deadshot costume? We think it's pretty awesome so far and if this is a flashback scene as rumoured then perhaps it'll be getting some extra refinement over the course of the movie. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Ben Corbett-Mills / @benleopards

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