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We've got 5 awesome theories about what's going on in the Suicide Squad movie!

The upcoming Suicide Squad movie is looking set to give us something fresh and unique within the superhero genre, much like the characters that make up it's ensemble team, the film brings a completely new kind of comic book story to our screens. At the moment very little has leaked out in terms of what we can expect regarding the plot and the arcs of the characters, so we thought we'd rack our brains and came up with these 5 potential ideas that could shape the movie.

1. The Joker is the Villain

Obviously we know that in principal the entire Suicide Squad is made up of villains but one thing that's really stood out with the recently released image of Jared Leto as the Joker and the assembled Task Force X, AKA, The Suicide Squad photo, is that The Joker doesn't seem to be a part of the team.

This to us just seems like such an obvious omission, The Joker is for all intents and purposes the most well known DC comic book villain. What kind of evil could force the government to call upon an entire squad of hardened criminals to hunt it down, well, The Joker seems like an obvious contender. His unpredictability and penchant for brutal murder and chaos could make him a near impossible enemy to apprehend, leading to the forming of the Suicide Squad, a mixture of like-minded and highly skilled opponents to track him down and take him out.

Of course Harley Quinn, is a part of the team, likely because of her connection to 'Mr J.' could it be that their relationship has broken down and an enraged and scorned Harley will stop at nothing to make him pay? Or could she perhaps be forced into the team, yet remain loyal causing all manner of conflicts and a potential backstabbing along the way? We've no idea, but the possibilities are most definitely exciting!

2. Deadshot or Rick Flag will die by the end of the movie

There seems like one too many big names within the cast of Suicide Squad, so let's consider for a minute that DC are looking to add some shocks and surprises to the movie. Of course, with The Joker being exceptionally popular - and audiences no doubt hoping to see him face off against Batman in a  movie down the line - we'd wager Jared Leto will be in the role for some time. The same can be said for Margot Robbie, playing Harley Quinn sets her up for an extended stay in the DC Cinematic Universe, she's a high caliber actress portraying possibly the largest fan favourite female character within DC's entire spread, so it'd be ludicrous for her to vanish so early.

Which leaves us with Will Smith's Deadshot and Joel Kinnaman's Rick Flag. Now let's remember that originally Tom Hardy was expected to be cast as Rick Flag prior to scheduling conflicts which removed him from the opportunity. Given that both Smith and Hardy are big household names we feel like DC wants to surprise us by robbing us of one of these characters before we've seen that much of them within the DCU.

Whilst of course Kinnaman doesn't have quite the stature of Tom Hardy, he's still a fantastic actor and a big name for the role. Rick Flag is, after all, the leader of Task Force X, we imagine much to the contention of Deadshot another strong leadership candidate. We feel that these two will likely be sharing the prime screen time which makes us suspect that one of these characters will die a horrible death forcing the other to up their game. If we had to bet on one or the other, we'd imagine it'll be Rick Flag biting the dust with Will Smith's Deadshot taking over the reigns and powering the film through to it's finale.

3. BATMAN is the antagonist

Stay with us on this one, as you may know in DC's new cinematic universe Batman is an ageing vigilante who has been rarely seen, cracking skulls and stopping bad guys by almost any means necessary for what's rumoured to be almost two decades. In many of the grittier Batman comics the character is often at odds with the law due to his operations, could it be that the Batman we meet in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is very much that character. Based on what we've seen and heard so far, we'd be willing to say that he most certainly will be.

The events of that movie could lead to the government looking to crack down on super powered individuals - Batman inclusive regardless of his lack of powers. As such who better than to hunt down the rarely seen and notorious bogeyman that Batman is rumoured to be than some of his most well known collars like Killer Croc, Harley Quinn, The Joker and Deadshot? Forced together to create a team - supplemented by wider universe characters - with the sole intention of seeking out and either capturing or destroying The Dark Knight?

With Batman rumoured to have a minor role in the movie, this could tie in rather nicely. Perhaps clever direction from David Ayer could paint Batman in a new light showing us a different side to The Dark Knight, highlighting the fear and dread that many of his foes face. Whilst this might seem like an odd concept, it would be a very intelligent way of keeping Batman ever present within the DCU whilst introducing a host of excellent new characters and further muddying the waters of motivation between the varying heroes and villains we can expect to see in the coming years.

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