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Here's a list of all the Heroes & Villains in Captain America: Civil War

After the simply sublime Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Marvel fans weren't quite sure how they'd be able to up the ante any further. That was of course before Marvel revealed that their 3rd Captain America movie would revolve around the excellent comic book story Civil War, in which Marvel's heroes are pitted against one another due to opposing views on a superhuman registration act. Much like in the comic it's been confirmed that both Captain America and Iron Man will each be leading one of these factions.


Following on from the events of Avengers: Age of Ultron the story is rumoured to feature the 'New Avengers' team that were introduced to audiences at the end of that movie as well as members of the original roster. Over the past few weeks the list of characters in the movie has continued to grow, not only will we be seeing a mixture of already seen heroes and villains, but in turn some completely new ones will be making their debut within Marvel's Cinematic Universe.

Many characters have already been confirmed for the movie, and additionally there is plenty of rumour and speculation about others that could well appear. As well as this several actors have been cast in as of yet unidentified roles, so do feel free to speculate on who they may well be playing. To make things nice and clear we've broken down all the characters confirmed and rumoured to be in the movie below so you can get an idea of just how epic and action packed Captain America: Civil War looks likely to be.

The Heroes

Spider-Man (Rumoured) - Marvel's rumoured top actor choice
Captain America - Chris Evans
Iron Man - Robert Downey Jr
Black Widow - Scarlet Johansson
Hawkeye - Jeremy Renner
Ant-Man - Paul Rudd
Scarlett Witch - Elizabeth Olsen
The Vision - Paul Bettany
Falcon - Anthony Mackie
War Machine - Don Cheadle
Black Panther - Chadwick Boseman
Agent 13/Sharon Carter - Emily VanCamp

The Villains

Baron Zemo - Daniel Bruhl
Crossbones - Frank Grillo


General 'Thunderbolt' Ross - William Hurt
The Winter Soldier - Sebastian Stan (Potentially an anti-hero)
Unknown Role - Martin Freeman

That's a hell of a lot of characters to be squeezed into one movie. Seemingly Marvel want to continue raising the scale post Avengers: Age of Ultron which equally had a huge cast, and solidifying the unity of their extended universe. It's exciting to see the likes of Paul Rudd's Ant-Man taking a role in the movie which could suggest the events of his standalone this July might have some impact on this movie too. Furthermore, there's a big question mark raised due to the inclusion of General 'Thunderbolt' Ross, the one time Hulk villain as of yet only seen in Marvel's largely pushed aside Incredible Hulk movie. We find it likely that he may well be leading the charge from the government's point of view to enforce the superhuman registration act.

What do you think of this list of characters, there's plenty of new ones in there as well as some definite surprises. Let's hope that Spider-Man may well make his first appearance in the MCU alongside the handful of other new characters who are due their own movies over the course of Marvel's Phase 3. Let us know what you think of the overall cast below and if you think it may be overkill or perhaps missing some of the big players you'd have liked to see in the comments below.

Ben Corbett-Mills / @benleopards

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