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Take a new look at Ben Affleck's Batman in this awesome full colour image

Images released online today from jposters.com.ar give us a much better look at the new Batsut in it's full coloured glory. As expected the suit is dramatically two-tone in comparison to other previous movie iterations which have generally stuck with a full black look, this new grey and black suit however is certainly more traditional and some might suggest even more comic bookesque. The new suit echoes the much rumoured stylings of that worn by Frank Miller's version of Batman from the comic The Dark Knight Returns and - although something we could of predicted from previous footage - the suit is far more organic than the armored iterations commonly seen within the movies.

So far what we've seen of the suit in promo materials including imagery and the teaser trailer, have presented it to us in the darkness, where we're most often likely to see Batman. In these instances the suit has looked absolutely epic and unique, and whilst the suit still looks great the straight up white background of this image doesn't do it as much justice. Of course, this image is likely from a test shot of Affleck in the suit and thus the lighting is used to show the full details of the suit, which we'll likely not see quite as clearly in the actual movie.

What do you think of this much better and fully coloured look at the Dark Knights new batsuit? It's no doubt the closest representation to the suit seen in the comics that we're yet to find in the movies, and we're definitely liking the gruffer look it provides. Why not tell us what you think of the new batsuit in the comments below.

Ben Corbett-Mills / @benleopards

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