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Marvel's Daredevil renewed for Season 2! Awesome!

We are huge fans of what Marvel and Netflix managed to do with their new Daredevil series, creating a show that was grounded, gritty, and full of depth whilst complimenting and further expanding upon the fantastic Marvel Cinematic Universe. It's fair to say that we would have been rather shocked if the series had lasted for no more than a single season, though we had felt this may be the case given the upcoming defenders miniseries was initially intended to wrap up Daredevil and the additional three MCU tv shows being produced for Netflix. However, and thankfully so, it seems that this is not the case as Daredevil will indeed be getting renewed for a second season.

Daredevil is expected to return for season 2 in 2016, probably at a similar time of year but most likely after the release of AKA Jessica Jones, Marvels second direct to Netflix show. There's set to be some changes to the creative team too, with the first seasons showrunner Steven S. DeKnight having stepped down due to previous commitments elsewhere. However he'll be replaced by Doug Petrie and Marco Ramirez both of whom wrote several of the episodes within this first season, so we're certainly in good hands it seems.

Things are certainly looking exciting for Marvel fans, Daredevil's first season was nothing short of exceptional and so a second season is a perfect treat. On top of all that we've another 3 character focused shows with AKA Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron First before the epic small screen event series The Defenders. We can't wait to see what Marvel and Netflix do with these other characters and will be eagerly awaiting the arrival of the next miniseries AKA Jessica Jones.

Have you watched Marvel's Daredevil yet, did you think of highly of it as we do? What would you like to see as part of the show when it's second season arrives in 2016?

Via: IGN

Ben Corbett-Mills / @benleopards

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