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Destiny's next expansion House of Wolves gets a teaser trailer - but is it worth your time?!

Destiny's last expansion The Dark Below, left something of a sour taste in the mouth of many Destiny gamers, with it's limited content for what felt like far too big a cost at £20. Unfortunately the second installment of Destiny DLC comes with even less content, losing a full raid - one of the most enjoyable elements of Destiny - though in return it does gain an entirely new social area in the form of The Reef. Subjectively you could consider this a trade off, but we personally find it very hard to argue that the content swap is worth the same value. Nevertheless, the team at Bungie are gearing up to release this new content and have released a little teaser before a full video tomorrow.

Regardless of what we can expect from this new content it's great to see Bungie continuing to support what is, in it's core, an excellent game that's just begging to be expanded. Whether the House of Wolves content will fill that gap it's hard to tell, and based on the previous expansions content and the lower amount of content within this one we're sceptical at best. However, we'll look forward to the full reveal of the expansion back tomorrow, and see what we can expect when it releases.

What have been your thoughts regarding Destiny's previous expansion, do you think this new expansion at an additional £20 is worth it for the level of content or could it likely be a disappointment similar in scale to that of The Dark Below? We're very much excited about the new social area, something the game has needed for a long time but can't deny that the lack of a raid seems like it's cutting fans short. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Ben Corbett-Mills / @benleopards

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