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Brand new finally release first new song in 6 years: Mene - Listen now!

Brand new remain consistently secretive and aloof when it comes to sharing news and new music with their fans and after a huge gap of 6 years since their last sensational release 'Daisy' it's great to hear something new from the band. If you've not yet heard the new track, why not check it out in the video below direct from Brand New's Youtube channel.

Whilst absolutely Brand New in tone, it's fresh and unique for the band, it feels like something of a fusion between their early years and later ones. A punky yet mature blend, with some of the speed and youthful energy of their first album but elements of the subtle aggression and heaviness of later albums like the 'Devil and God Raging Inside Me' and the aforementioned 'Daisy'.

As a new track, I'm not entirely sold on it tonally but have no doubt when I listen to it more i'll quickly fall into loving it. I'm certainly looking forward to a new album from the band and have high hopes - as i'm sure many do - of a new album from the band coming later this year, with plenty of fresh and unique new tracks, with Brand New blazing an excitingly new audial trail as they always do with each new album.

What do you guys think of the track and are you excited at the possibility of an up coming new Brand New album? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Ben Corbett-Mills / @benleopards

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