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Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice's first Teaser Trailer is here! Watch it now!

Since the announcement of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice we've all spend a long time waiting to finally see our heroes in action once more. With director Zack Snyder having dropped small teases over the course of the films development including reveals for Batman's new suit, The Batmobile and Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman costume we've all been eagerly awaiting our first live action look at the movie. So without further delay, hit the play button on the just revealed new teaser trailer below, prepare to be blown away!

With the movie still almost a year away from release, this is truly a big tease, with great indication of the plot points that will be setting our two heroes against one another. Clearly Batman's ideologies will be at odds with what he perhaps believes Superman's to be and as we've heard rumoured could this be down to meddling from none other than Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor?

This trailer gives us a great look at the tone of the film, with the built up voiceover showing the varying opinions of Superman as a potential hero and saviour, but also with such power he could easily destroy all at his whim. Our first look at Batman is awesome, we love the voiceover of - we assume - Jeremy Iron's Alfred stating "The Fever, The Rage, The Powerlessness" an indication perhaps to why Ben Affleck's Batman is on a head on collision course with Superman to ensure he doesn't pose a true threat to mankind.

The further shots show a quick look at Ben Affleck in costume looking tough as nails as well as a sneaky glimpse at the new Batmobile, and what could potentially be the Bat Wing though it does have a very military look and feel to it, branching away from the previous Batman logoesque shape seen in Tim Burton's 1989 Batman Movie. But, we get a look and the long rumoured armoured Batsuit in the final moments of the trailer and what would appear to be the build up to the big face off between Batman and Superman. This is looking unbelievably awesome.

What do you think to this new teaser, is it enough to satisfy your hunger for the movie, giving us a closer - but quick - look at the key players whilst still leaving very little of the plot on show? Or would you have liked to see more? For us we feel this got it just about right, we'd of loved to see a little more of Affleck's Batman but loved the focus on the catalyst for their differences. Tell us what you thought of the new teaser trailer in the comments below.

Ben Corbett-Mills / @benleopards

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