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LEGO are set to release an awesome set of The Simpsons Kwik-E-Mart

After last years fantastic collection of Simpsons minifigures and a HUGE LEGO set of the Simpsons very own 742 Evergreen Terrace house, LEGO are blowing our minds once again with another excellent LEGO set based around everyone's favourite springfield store; the Kwik-E-Mart. Looking at the set it's clear that a lot of care and love has gone into designing as accurate a representation of the store as possible with plenty of unique nods to it's many qwerks featured within the show.

Not only does the set really showcase everything awesome about the Kwik-E-Mart but it also comes with a host of amazing LEGO minifigures including a set exclusive Snake figure; the notorious 'bad dude' of the show and something that'll no doubt have collectors paying big cash for on Ebay. Check out some images of the excellent design below, awesome points are awarded to the designer for creating a set that can be opened play house style from the sides and even top down from above.

The set looks awesome when opened up to show what's happening inside!
The ability to take the roof of the set gives you a rather cool birds eye view too!
We feel LEGO's designers have really outdone themselves with this set build as it's a fantastic rendition of one of the most iconic locations from the show. It looks fantastic and as far as LEGO sets go seems like rather reasonable value as although it weighs in at a heavy price tag of $200 (We reckon £159.99 UK) it does include six awesome minifigures as well as a whopping 2179 pieces. We're going to make sure we start saving now ready for when the set drops in the not too distant future on May 1st.

This is without a doubt a fantastic set and we really can't wait to see how LEGO further expands their selection of LEGO Simpsons builds over the coming year. For now we've got this excellent Kwik-E-Mart set and of course the upcoming series 2 minifigures to look forward too. What do you think of this set and it's amazing representation of the Springfield classic location, are you a Simpsons and Lego fan? Is this a must buy for you? Let us know in the comments below!

Ben Corbett-Mills / @benleopards

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