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Older Magneto & Professor X will not return in X-Men: Apocalypse says Patrick Stewart

Sad but likely expected news given the more or less sign off ending to the original X-Men team in last years excellent Days of Future Past. In an interview on Larry King Now Patrick Stewart when asked about the potential of returning as his beloved Professor X character said "No, Nor Sir Ian McKellen, either." He continued to elaborate, revealing several small details about 2016's next installment of the franchise X-Men: Apocalypse.

When discussing the timeframe of the 2016 movie Patrick Stewart described "I was learning quite a lot more about it last night, and it is going to be very much looking at the earlier lives of our characters... And so I don't think we'll be making an appearance." The film is to be set in the 1980's and will be directed once more by Bryan Singer and Simon Kinberg with the franchise return of X2 writers Michael Dougherty and Dan Harris.

We're sure that the film will be fantastic and are looking forward to seeing the younger X-Men back in action once more. We can't quite get enough of Michael Fassbender's excellent Magneto but it'll be sad not to see our favourites from the original X Trilogy return. Whilst we hope this doesn't mark the last we'll see of both Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen's takes on these characters we fear it could well be.

What do you think to the news, is it time to truly move on and leave behind the original X-Men creating a new story that carves it's own path with the younger X team or would you like to see perhaps corresponding yet separate movies that tackle the trials of both the original and newer X-Men? Let us know in the comments below.

Via: IGN

Ben Corbett-Mills / @benleopards

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