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6 brilliant Festive Films to watch this Christmas (4-3)

4. Scrooged

Billy Murray does what he does best by playing a fantastically cynical and excellent Frank Cross in an excellent 80's reimagining of Charles Dickens 'A christmas carol'. Frank a US TV executive with a real dislike for Christmas spends the film causing all sorts of chaos while attempting to run a successful TV version of 'A Christmas Carol'. Of course, his attitude and demeanour change as the ghosts of Christmas pay him a visit. It all plays out in hilarious form, with a few darkly comedic moments in the classic Bill Murray style.


3. Die Hard

Die Hard is THE action packed Christmas movie. A siege inside a giant office tower during it's Christmas party leads to not only one of the best action movies of the 80's but one of the best Christmas action films of all time. Alan Rickman is excellent as villain Hans Gruber with some exceptionally cliché bad guy traits that feel perfectly in line with the bombastic action of the movie. Bruce Willis shows his tough side in a roll that many thought he couldn't fill, filling the movie with great catchphrases, top action and showing us the importance of having shoes in these situations.


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