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Superman's very own rather delicious looking Burger

After the recent release of the Batman Burger from McDonalds Hong Kong and the revelation that a full range of Justice League themed burgers were set to follow, it's great to see a Superman themed Burger that looks substantially more tasty. If you're yet to see the Batman Burger make sure you check it out now to see why it was more of a disappointment than the following Superman effort.

The Superman themed Honey Mustard Chicken looks pretty darn tasty with a combination of breaded chicken, cheese, honey mustard sauce and bacon. To top it all off there's some awesome looking sides with it, in the form of potato cheese balls, though we're not entirely sure what they'll taste like, it's certainly something new to try. As for a special drink to accompany your Superman burger you can get a tasty but exceptionally sweet looking Bubblegum McFloat. Check out the advert for the meal below.

What do you think of this Burger is it a shame it's not making it's way over to the UK, would you give it a try if you could? We think this certainly looks much tastier than the Batman Burger, but with the upcoming Flash and Green Lantern editions due over the next couple of months we're keen to see if anything will beat this.

Ben Corbett-Mills / @benleopards

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