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Jurassic World's suitably awesome debut trailer released

We've been chomping at the bit for some more exciting information on the latest installment of the Jurassic Park franchise and with this new trailer, we're getting a much closer look at 2015's Jurassic World. Tension looks set to soar once again with the inevitable breakout that looks set to ensue. Why not check out the debut trailer below and keep on reading for our thoughts too!

Wow, so that's awesome. Chris Pratt looks on fine form as Owen the Dinosaur trainer and all round good guy of the park. It seems that the rumoured premise of an exceptionally dangerous genetically modified dinosaur was completely true with the film looking likely to focus on the destruction it causes upon it's escape and as always the moral questions that come from meddling with animal DNA. Even, if in the case of Jurassic World, we're talking about dinosaurs, perhaps the film makers intend for some sort of meta-commentary on animal testing in the real world.

The film could give us many of the exciting and scary moments we've all wanted to see in the franchise, no doubt countless times we've all wondered what would of happened had the original Jurassic Park been a fully functional theme park. Last but not least however, we've got to comment on those rumours that Chris Pratt's Owen would be hunting down the Hybrid with a pack of trained Velociraptors and if that final moment with Pratt on a motorbike and a pack of Raptors in tail is anything to go by then it looks like we're in for some serious dino face off!

What do you think of the Jurassic World trailer, are you as excited as we are to see the movie? Perhaps you're a little concerned about the over the top hybrid vs regular dino concept the movie looks to be tackling? Let us know in the comments below!

Jurassic World hits cinema on June 12th 2015.

Ben Corbett-Mills / @benleopards

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