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David Goyer to bring a Superman themed TV show based on Krypton to TV

Rumour has it that long time DC screenwriter David Goyer is looking at the opportunity of bringing the excitingly teased world of Krypton as seen in Man of Steel to TV. Having written the script for Man of Steel we're not surprised, the Krypton shown within the movie gave a tantalising glimpse of a society divided and in dismay that could of easily been expanded into a brilliant movie in it's own right.

According to Bleeding Cool the success of Gotham, the new pre-Batman era TV show focusing on a young Jim Gordon, Bruce Wayne and the many villains of the Batman universe has helped encourage another TV based DC spinoff. We imagine that this series would effectively operate as the sci-fi equivalent of Gotham and as such be pre-Superman, perhaps instead focusing on the El family and maybe even his father Jor-El who was recently portrayed by Russell Crowe in Man of Steel.

What do you think to the potential of a new show that explores the home and family of the man that would become Superman. Could it be a brave and excellent move into a more sci-fi realm for DC & Warner Bros working as an exciting parallel to the more grounded noiresque Gotham? We certainly think so, though there may be some budgetary limitations to recreate a world with such scope as was seen in Man of Steel. Nevertheless this is all rumour for now, but consider us rather excited and stay tuned for more.

Via: IGN

Ben Corbett-Mills / @benleopards

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